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Landscape Construction

Our standard of excellence includes creative design, quality landscape materials and plants, and professional installation and maintenance. It all starts with your vision. With your vision in mind our design team can produce professional drawings that will showcase your residential or commercial property. Most really well-designed landscapes contain a good balance of construction and plant materials. Walks, walls, and patios are among the most impressive elements in a landscape. These are known as ‘hardscape’ items, and they define spaces and give them lasting character. We believe that careful ground preparation is the key to keeping things beautiful, so we put a lot of effort into it to insure that it's done properly. Carefully designed and executed paved surfaces, fences, walls, overhead structures and edging materials are not only attractive but also reduce routine maintenance. If possible, select building materials for the landscape, repeat materials and colors already used on the home. Weathered wood, natural stains, concrete and earth tones in brick will usually blend with existing construction materials and relate to the natural environment. As you continue to admire your landscape many years later, you'll appreciate the time, effort, and care that fine craftsmen applied to your landscape’s existing construction materials and relate to the natural environment. First, your site is graded to accommodate the design and to ensure proper drainage. Next, any necessary underground utilities for your project (electric, gas, irrigation) are installed. Finally, the landscape elements that you have asked for are meticulously built. Planting is the final stage of any landscape installation. Trees, shrubs, and perennials create a more three-dimensional aspect and add color, form, and texture. Distinctive plantings anchor your home, give it presence, and make it look like it belongs to the landscape. GTI designs the plantings for your landscape with seasonal changes in mind to ensure that your garden will look different and pleasing during each and every part of the year. Using our advanced knowledge of bloom times and other seasonal aspects of each plant variety, we are able to design your landscape paradise with a pleasing seasonal visual flow – one that will constantly invite you to spend more time outdoors.


Grounds Maintenance

Green Thumb Landscaping maintenance division takes personal pride in caring for new and established plant beds and turf areas.  Our skilled landscape maintenance staff knows the importance of clean, trimmed and well-kept residential or commercial grounds.  Our principle is simple and straight forward - to exceed the standard of quality in landscape design and maintenance. Complete lawn care aeration, thatching, fertilization mowing & edging. Complete landscape care small tree shrub pruning, fertilization weeding clean-up & annuals by season. We care for any landscape as though it was our very own with particular attention to detail. Our trained crews clean and “polish” your lawn and landscaped areas so we will both be proud of your landscape. Your landscape is a living investment that is important to you. Green Thumb offers grounds maintenance services that will expertly care for your investment. Our crews service residential and commercial properties from Bend to Madras. Our services include spring and fall cleanup, fertilization, mowing, pruning, weed control, and bark & mulch renewal.


Irrigation Services

An essential part of any successful landscape design is an efficient and accurate irrigation system. If the system is not designed properly, landscape plants die from a lack of water while in other areas, the ground stays too wet. In all, a poor system wastes water and becomes a headache to keep working correctly. Green Thumb Landscape specializes in the field of irrigation system design. We design and install irrigation systems that work! Our designs ensure each area in the landscape has the correct amount of water, applied uniformly, whether in a turf area, plant bed or water conservation landscape. We’ve tested and tried many irrigation products, and use Rainbird irrigation products because they are the most reliable in giving us the best and most consistent results. The specialists at Green Thumb Landscaping offer complete residential irrigation system design & installation including low volume or water conserving irrigation systems. With services such as, spring start up irrigation system activation, repairs, irrigation spray head adjustments & calibration, backflow assembly testing, and winterization. Remember: The best irrigation system is one you will never see. A well maintained irrigation system is an integral part of a luscious outdoor surrounding. Your state of the art water management program will deliver the precise amount of water to create a lush, green lawn. Expert irrigation system specialists will create a lawn irrigation program for you that is designed to meet the specific lawn irrigation needs of your property. Having a quality lawn irrigation program will enhance the health and beauty of your landscape. Irrigation systems help you do more than maintain a healthy and vibrant home landscape. Irrigation specialists use industry experience and expertise to service all your irrigation needs and create an efficient irrigation system that will save you time and money. Your irrigation specialist will check local codes, watering day restrictions, performance standards and other specific criteria that significantly impact the design and maintenance of your irrigation system throughout the year. Irrigation products work best when they are customized for your landscape. Your irrigation crew will use their knowledge of regional weather patterns to develop an irrigation system that works in conjunction with the climate in the Central Oregon area.


Snow & Ice Removal

Green Thumb has a team to serve you in the winter months as well. We offer snow and ice removal servicing both commercial and residential properties. Our large selection of equipment enables us to clear away unwanted snow and ice from sidewalks, driveways, decks, and patios. Additional snow removal services are available upon request.